Another angle of the militia man on the bridge facing the Feds in Nevada.

That gun is pointed at the government.

*round of applause*


i dont think yall realise its illegal to take a picture of someone and put it on a social media site without asking their permission and i know thats really cliche of me to say but i mean honestly stop taking pictures of strangers you find attractive and putting it on tumblr

Synesthesia Vol.1, by pi is a lie



The infamous ‘Jonestown Massacre’ led by cult leader Jim Jones, where around 909 people committed mass suicide by cyanide poisoning on November 18, 1978.

this shit is crazy. read about it. 


You always remind me of lemonade
which always reminds me of Saves The Day
which always reminds me of late nights
which always reminds me of long drives
which always reminds me of whiskey
I wonder what reminds you of me


Fun Home - Felt So Tired

Check out Fun Home’s new music video for “Felt So Tired” from their EP “Knit Into Place” The video was directed and edited by band member Rose Savage. Produced and Filmed by Rose and Sara Savage. This video makes me smile a bunch. Enjoy!

Download “Knit Into Place” for free from Broken World Media